Dr. Billy Hall

Dr. Billy Hall is a General Dentist and has been practicing dentistry for 34 years. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, he began his career as a family dentist in a small rural town in West Tennessee. After15 years in the private sector, Dr. Hall shifted his practice and began working for The Church Health Center, a non-profit organization in Memphis focused on providing dental care to the working uninsured population. In 2009, he partnered with Just Kids Dental to fill a void in the dentistry world by providing quality dental care to low income children in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Today, Dr. Hall is the dental director of Just Kids’ three Louisiana locations and is the visiting dentist for Just Kids Dental’s first Alabama location.

Dr. Padma Gulur

Dr. Padma Gulur is originally from India. She grew up in several small towns in India. When it was time for college, Dr. Padma attended St. Ann’s college for women in Hyderabad, India. Later she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from internationally acclaimed Manipal University in India.
She decided to continue her education at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas where she pursued her Master’s in Public Health. Once this endeavor was attained, Dr. Padma went on to achieve her Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Boston University located in Boston, Massachusetts.
As fate would have it, she made a big move to Alabama and worked for a Public Health Pediatric Clinic in Anniston for nine years. During this time, she gained expertise in working with children. Here she came to love working on kids, helping them overcome their fear, relieving their pain, and consequently earning their trust.
Dr. Padma is a proud mother of two children; Aditya and Anushka. Her husband  Ravi is an Industrial Engineer. When not at work, the soccer mom of 10 year old son and 5 year old daughter is busy catering to their needs and in free time loves watching movies and reading books. Dr. Padma is as much a family woman as she is a successful Dentist who leaves no stones unturned to keep the family in high spirits.